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Our schools coaching team supports people in full time education who are looking for direction, guidance and the skills needed to continue to grow. With the pressure of exams and home life, these can be some of the hardest times of our lives.

What is a Youth Coach

A youth coach is a young person who has experienced the trials and tribulations that our young people are currently facing today. They will be a few years older than those that they are coaching, which will allow them to offer an evolved version of the old 'Buddy System'.

Your youth coach is someone that you or your young person can trust and reach out to in what is a difficult and often confusing time in our lives. The youth coach will also work closely with the young person parents/guardians to ensure the best possible care for all those involved.

All youth coaches are DBS checked

What does a youth coach do

A youth coach will be on hand to advice you or your young person on any issues they have, be it educational, friendships or personal. They can be there to listen when your young person has a concern, talking in person or over Skype & Facetime which offers a safe place for them to be themselves and ask questions.

Our Youth coaches are generally young people themselves and therefore can offer up to date and current advice to those they are coaching. They have first hand and recent experience of issues that our young adults of today are facing and a youth coach can be an ideal addition to your young persons life.


Dear Katie, Thank you for helping me you have done a lot and I wouldn't be were I am now without you. I would still be how I was but thanks to you I now am able to talk to new people and make new friends. I am very thankful for what you have done and how much you have done I feel happier and I am out more you are very nice and you were easy to talk to when I wanted to.



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