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Richard Willett – Media Content Manager Success4.com

Media Content Manager at Success4.com

Richard has a BA Honors in Film & Television Production and has worked for many television production companies such as the BBC and BBC Radio Norfolk. Richard has a unique and creative way of helping you get the most out of what you have around you, in order for you to "Feed Your Social Media Monster" a FREE series of which you can catch on Success4Global Youtube Channel. Richard has also directed LIVE Multi Camera Television, has an extensive background in Digital TV Documentary Production, music video production and promotional videos. Richard can turn his hand to any genre and all stages of pre and post production including financing projects, producing, story boarding, cinematography, cameraman, editor and Director.

For a creative and innovative flair to your social media and broadcast media content wether its video or audio then Richard has over 15years of industry experience in Radio, Television and Music Production.


Steve Carr

Confidence coach.

Confidence coach and founder of Mind canyon positive mental health Steve Carr with be joining us to share his personal story of transformation, and becoming a key figure in raising national awareness of the daily challenges facing many people in daily life today.