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Nick Lechnir is an author, speaker, and founder of Leapfrogging Success. He is also a Learning and Development Administrator and Vice President of Education in Toastmasters. Nick teaches extreme introverts, analytically-minded, and highly anxious people how to become better speakers, presenters, and communicators. He developed a groundbreaking and fresh innovative method called LEAPS after working in the Information Technology field for over 20 years and seeing a massive need for better communication in the technical corporate working environment. Using the LEAPS method, you can transform yourself into a confident powerful speaker with a simple 5 step framework and road map. The Leapfrogging Success website is a resource center dedicated to providing you with insightful articles, books, videos, and courses to help you become the most powerful speaker that you can be.

Visit http://leapfroggingsuccess.com. Leapfrogging Success: 5 Simple Steps to Powerful Presentations and Public Speaking for Nerds, Techies, and Introverts can be found on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2sVoilI


Leighton Herdson – Facebook Ad Consultant

Leighton helps coaches, consultants and freelancers reach more of the right people through the powerful reach of Facebook Advertising platform. With a unique content based approach he helps you create a powerful message that speaks to your audience and drives engagement all whilst building your brand.

Acting as your Creative Director Leightons proven Facebook Ads strategy will help you reach more of the right people with your message with a Direct Response approach to building your brand. You’ll grow your following much faster than the traditional route which simply doesn’t work anymore. As a by product of this approach you’ll strategically position yourself as an authority in your market place by providing real value and enroll more high-ticket clients. If you want to take your coaching or consulting practice to the next level this is the best way to do it.


Suzanne Eder – Teacher, Healer, Author, Guide

Suzanne takes you beyond life coaching to a whole new level of understanding your true creative power, sourced through your communion with the Divine (or God, Spirit, Source, the Universe – whatever you call the infinite, loving Intelligence that created this Universe and everything in it.)
Working with Suzanne is about waking up to who you really are and creating a life you love from that inspired and expanded place. It is transformative at the deepest levels.

Suzanne helps you grasp that you are literally one-of-a-kind in this magnificent universe. And your special brand of brilliance is revealed through your longings. What you long to create, give, share and experience is an expression of who you are, so honouring what you want is the most essential way to honour yourself.

And contrary to what you may have been taught, honoring yourself is not selfish. It is the only way to liberate the innate creativity and generosity that uplifts everyone around you.



Joanna is a Method Living Practitioner and Agent of Genius. She is also an international speaker who helps people to tinker with their subconscious minds to help them outwit their fears, increase their confidence and become the person they truly want to be. She is on a mission to help the women of the world stop settling for “mediocre” and start living their lives as the Super-Heroines that they truly are!

Joanna loves nothing more than to work with groups of ladies to show them how to teach their brains to believe in their potential. She fuses the whacky worlds of Performing Arts and Neuroscience with a pinch of the Spiritual, to devise unique, transformational experiences that change lives for the better.

She does all this with a hefty dose of fun and laughter. Laugh while you learn. What’s not to love about that?



I teach new and established entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors, course creators, physical product business owners and people just like you... a simple clear easy-to-follow strategy that shows you WHAT to do, WHY and HOW to do it, click-by-click, step-by-step so you can build your business online, help others, have a wicked life and make money.

Connect with John Paul via his www.howtobuildabusinessonline.net



A.S.P. Is an innovative, pragmatic and effective solution to the problem of interpersonal conflict and violence.
Too often what is promoted as 'real-world self-defence' is, at best, ineffective, and at worse renders a person more vulnerable than those who are untrained and relying on just their instinct to survive.

The entertainment industry, traditional martial arts, combat-sports and self-professed 'experts' with little or no direct experience of violent encounters, often perpetuate a misleading and incomplete picture of what it takes to manage interpersonal conflict. There is no conspiracy here, simply a lack of awareness and understanding; over time, there has been a drift from reality and towards untested fantasy.

Andy is also the producer of The Hero Forge Podcast which we publishing weekly on Success4 and can be found at Theheroforge.org


Monika Kloeckner – Life Purpose Coach, Author, Speaker

Monika inspires women to discover and live their life's purpose.
With her unique coaching style she helps you to explore your passions, talents and skills. Together with her clients she teaches them how to unlock their limiting beliefs, explore their personality and how to move forward with confidence. Through her own journey to find and live her own true calling Monika has a wealth of coaching experience her clients benefit from.
Monika has a diploma in personal life coaching from the Oxford College ODL (Hons), is a certified life purpose coach and advanced theta healing practitioner and certified angel card reader.
She is the author of "Food Addiction No More - 21 days to change your mind on overeating for good".
Monika holds regular talks in London and Redhill, Surrey.



I am Kris Godinez, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Arizona. A graduate of the University of Phoenix Master of Counseling program in 2005. Prior to receiving my degree, I had extensive experience volunteering for grief recovery programs such as The Dougy Center and The New Song Center.

After getting my LPC I opened Aha Counseling AZ in 2009. In 2010 I wrote my first book about growing up in a family that had addiction and mental illness called “What’s Wrong with Your Dad?” I’ve been married to my husband John since 1996 and we are the proud parents of two fur babies. As an avid dog owner, I recognize that the loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of a human companion and can help you if you are struggling with the loss of your pet.

Reaching a Wider Audience
After writing the book, I wanted to reach a wider audience and started "We Need to Talk" which is a mental health/social issues talk radio show on Dave Pratt’s Starworldwidenetwork.com I also post mental health videos on WWWKAS youtube channel so I can help as many people as possible. Contact me today at (480) 374-5613 to learn more!



I'm an entrepreneur, mentor, coach and speaker. I'm a left-brainer; analytical, big on details and a huge planner. I live in London's Bankside with my partner and my cat, Gisela. Whenever I travel I miss her dearly!

Throughout my career I have worked across multiple industries, from hospitality and IT to motor industry and construction. All of these have given me a unique angle on life's challenges and opportunities.

High Achiever 2017 Award Winner (by Global Woman Magazine, ceremony in London, UK)
High Achiever 2015 Winner (by Success Resources of Estonia, Edu Akadeemia)


JOHN KENNY – Interpersonal Relationship Coach

Knowing what change means to people and helping them achieve this has become my passion in life. My work as a Coach has come from a progression of working as a Counsellor over many years, both in private practice and within the NHS. I have discovered the best ways to instigate change by studying, learning, exploring and applying these techniques to myself and others in the most powerful way possible. As I know there is always a better way, I help you find yours.

I have recognised the importance of relationships, especially the one that you have with yourself, to living a happy, fulfilling and successful life. I am with you as you make the shifts that change everything.



Robin is an award-winning coach and licensed practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Integral Eye Movement Therapy and was once described as a “mind wizard”.
His passion, beyond Nintendo, Steven Universe, and table top roleplaying games, is in empowering geeks and nerds to get more satisfaction from life; having once been a shy boy who fell behind himself, he understands the challenges of getting ahead in the world.
His Coaching for Geeks c-c-c-combo approach of online programmes with 1-2-1 coaching and change work (to unfuck your mind if you have mental blocks, like the long piece in Tetris) has resulted in numerous geeks gaining XP, levelling up, finding their purpose, getting new jobs, starting businesses, taking that trip, finding their voice, filling their heart containers, and saving the princess*.
Robin also speaks at events, runs workshops, webinars, and does his best to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers.



With a particular knack for spotting the seam of gold in everyone, I specialise in Leadership Coaching, helping leaders from all walks of life make the transition to becoming a truly inspirational person. I work with clients to develop techniques, explore leadership styles and implement key strategies in their workplace in order to develop their role as a flourishing leader, grow in self-confidence and enhance their personal resilience – all key components to being truly successful.

I have dedicated myself to my own personal growth and I bring this same work ethic to each individual that I coach. As a qualified teacher, I became used to setting targets, tracking progress and inspiring young people to be the best that they can be. My qualifications in teaching, NLP and Coaching have helped me develop a unique style of coaching, whereby each individual and their specific needs are at the heart of any session.



Kelly is an Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and Mentor helping her audience to find connected love in a disconnected world. She is a thought leader in the wellness and personal development space helping others to look for the answers within themselves. She believes that you can create the life of your dreams if you are willing to work with the universe. The answer to the PERFECT relationship is inside you and she will help you access it.

Kelly hasn’t always worked in personal development, she was in recruitment for 8 years’ and worked her way up to a Country Manager position so knows how challenging a healthy work-life balance is. Now her life purpose and business helps you look within, develop your self love / self worth in order to manifest the partner and relationship you have always dreamt of. She is excited to meet you and help you on your journey !



Richard Grannon, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Master Practitioner, is passionate about helping people defend themselves, get back on their feet, and finally free themselves from narcissistic abuse. Richard attended Aston University, where he studied Psychology and trained under Richard Bandler, the co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Much of Grannon’s specific interest in narcissistic abuse originally stemmed from personal relationships — he’d witnessed it firsthand before and could tell something that something was wrong or “off,” yet he couldn’t quite identify it. It was only through his psychological training that he began to recognize patterns of narcissistic abuse.



Shaista Kurji, founder of Compass Coaching Ltd, is a Professional Development Coach and NLP Practitioner who is dedicated to helping you tap into your inherent strengths and uncover your potential so that you are able to work towards achieving your goals. Her focus is to understand and help you resolve challenges in your professional life and to help you overcome all the obstacles standing in your way so that you can grow in your career. Using a variety of techniques, Shaista can help you enhance your own personal tools in areas such as personal development, professional development, Work/Life balance, communication skills, confidence building, organisation, productivity and so much more. Get in touch with her to schedule a free Discovery Session now. Your success lies in your own hands, take action!



Ivan's unique style, infectious laugh and natural charisma propelled him to the heights of self-development. His mission is to train and coach thousands of people worldwide on personal development so they can realise they have greatness within themselves and eventually help them shine their light. Within 13 years of living Ivory Coast, Ivan has found his calling and his WHY.

Ivan Terrence Koula is the founder of I.T Inspires Me.


Chris Hill

Addiction Expert.
Chris is an addiction expert who helps people overcome all types of addiction such as addiction to nicotine, alcohol, drugs etc as well as addictive activities such as gambling and over-eating. His programme is also being used for mental health and wellbeing i.e. to manage or eradicate compulsive behaviours, phobias, anxiety, stress and other fear-based conditions.
Chris also campaigns for better understanding of the truth about added/refined/free sugars and teaches overcoming sugar addiction. He works in a holistic way with people who have eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia nervosa and over-eating; and has had success with managing these conditions.


Christine Alaby

Empowerment Coach and Inspirational Speaker.

My name is Christine, (also known as Chrissy), and I am an Empowerment Coach and Inspirational Speaker who works closely with high achieving entrepreneurs with online businesses. I offer tailored 1:1 coaching programmes and group coaching, specific to confidence building and business planning, to enable entrepreneurs to achieve new heights of success both in their business and their personal development.


Debbie Singh

Bereavement coach.

When children grieve, we feel the need to protect them, however, they need to experience the feelings and grow from them - we should affirm the fact that they are feeling bad & not feel the need to fix them. Equally, we should speak about our feelings as they mirror our actions, if we Lock ourselves away to 'grieve' they will do the same.


David McCrae

Author, Speaker, Coach.

Do you want to change your story? Are you frustrated and dissatisfied with the script you've been living to thus far? It's time to author your life. You have incredible inner resources within you, and with David's help you can understand, unlock and unleash them.
There are three principles that will help you create a new narrative: Consciousness (loving your self) Calling (loving your work) and Connection (loving those around you). Your re-writing process will be based on scientific foundations and strategies that David has used on himself and his students to create brand new stories.


Gema Ramirez

Transpersonal and Business Coach. Women Empowerment.

My soul´s purpose is to contribute to the paradigm shift that is happening by raising Consciousness through Love and Compassion. I do that through my Empowering sessions (a combination of Coaching, Healing and Mentoring), my retreats and workshops. My aim is to accompany you to open and heal your Heart so that become happier and freer and live a more fulfilled life following your Soul´s purpose.I work mainly with entrepreneurs and business people who are on the spiritual path and wish to transform their life and their businesses by becoming Conscious Leaders who lead Consciously in everything they do. I also work with Women, empowering them to be the best version of themselves, the version 5.0, adding up to the movement WOMAN 5.0.


Gosia Scorrott

Visibility Coach.

I’m a Visibility Coach for female coaches and boss ladies who want to PLAY BIG in their businesses, show up FEARLESSLY and create a great impact in order to become a MAGNET for their ideal clients who love them and buy from them!


Jermaine Harris

Speaker, Coach and Fire walk instructor.

Jermaine, who has a Sports Psychology BSc (Hons) and MSc (Dist), has read over 380 self-help books in the space of 4 years and left behind his destructive lifestyle. In this time; Jermaine got out of debt, lost a stone of Body Fat, put on 10 Pounds of Muscle, cured himself of asthma, ran a Half Marathon and the London Marathon, started a Business, wrote a book, became an award winning speaker, met the woman of his dreams and is now a father.


Jonathan (Jono) Poon

Intuitive Leader and Self Discovery Relationship Coach

Expert in the field of intuitive leadership development, training Leaders and Experts on High-level Inner Leadership and Advanced Leadership skills, so that they can Inspire their team, Influence others and Impact the World.

His greatest mission in life is to bring unconditional love to the world, whilst creating World Class Leaders find their clarity and true purpose in life by helping them overcoming limitations and following their heart, which allows them to change the world and bring back humanity.


Joshua Lee Graham

International Speaker and Life Coach.

Joshua's style of coaching is second to none, if you're looking for someone who can push you into "Living in your truth" then this is the guy. Josh stands tall and believes in everything he teaches, he is consistent and very well liked throughout the coaching business. This guy gets the work done, without fail.


Katie Daniels

Youth Coach.

Katie is our youngest coach and is very much involved in Success4Schools. She offers people in full time education an opportunity to talk to someone of similar age about anything that could be effecting a Young student in these times. She has worked with several young students from the age of 7 up to 15 with great success. If you are a student or parent, looking for guidance, direction or support, then Katie is for you. She can be contacted via the Following link.


Karen (Komplete) Small

The Creative and Energy Coach.

A well-being specialist, leading the way in living creatively and essentials for better living. Expanding perspectives with ‘Brighter Expressions through inside out thinking & being’. Her motto “It’s vital to celebrate life, even the smallest things, no matter how insignificant they seem now! For, they will be the greatest memories of past, in the future”. She echoes ‘to feel good, will transpire in looking naturally great!’ While Karen looks after the Mind & Spirit, TLC takes care of the Body. Embark on a life changing journey!


Mark Daniels – Founder of Success4.com

Business and Life coach, Founder of Success4.com

Mark has worked with many companies and individuals over the last 20 years. From training and coaching staff, to coaching Business owners and leaders. What ever you are looking for in life or business, Mark has the tools needed for you to succeed.