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You Don’t Find Happiness, You Create It | Katarina Blom

A talk by Katarina Blom shows us that we need to work on building our happiness up and remove the negative thoughts rather than just thinking positively.

With all of the things we have going on in our lives, full of distractions and commitments, it is hard to keep focus on the things that matter. Our minds wander a lot of the time and we get bogged down. When this happens it becomes hard to focus on the positives and we become more in tune with focusing on the negatives going on around us. Our thoughts are hard to control, so we need to create positive action over our minds.

If we begin to build healthy habits in our mind by doing actions which give positive results, both for ourselves and others, we can get in to a positive repetition and build up the skill of happiness. This can be done by focusing on the relationships we have around us, and making sure we care more and think more of those we know. When we make an effort in this way, we can slowly build outcomes which leads to the happy feelings we need in life, and also spread the happiness and skill of creating this to others.

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