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Marina Pearson

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Hi, I’m Marina.
I play many roles in my life; mother, wife, friend, best-selling author, coach, mentor, and international speaker.
However, I consider myself to be an adventurer and a soul who loves to live effortlessly. I love to travel, and most of the time you will find me on a plane, experiencing what the world has to offer us.

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Worrying About What Others Think is Killing Your Business

If you care what others think too much, you will want to control how they see you, experience you and respond to you.

You will want to change your behavior around them so that they like you.
You will worry more about what they think, than express what you think and this will stop you from being the leader that you really are.

It will stop you from stepping up and shining, so you hide and play small.
You will want to blend in versus stand out.

As you step back and hide, you will be leaving all of those people who could have done with your services at the mercy of searching for you without finding you

You will look outwardly to follow and not look within to lead
What others think is up to them, you are not responsible for that.
To your increasing feeling of effortlessness

All my love,
Marina x

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