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A video featuring Elon Musk teaches us to create our vision and stick with it, to let your mind drive you forward and to not let anything stand in your way of your dreams.

We should always work on or towards something that we love, as we will be more focused on it and willing do to more to accomplish it. We will want to be a part of the experience every conscious moment, and work hard to see it happen. Imagination is the key to this, to think on something so big that you may inspire others to do the same. Do something that gets you up in the morning and makes your life worth living.

Also be prepared to make the sacrifices – you have to be willing to put in all the effort you can to a project or business, other wise it is certain to fail. When you put in the time, moreover what others are doing in their jobs you increase the chances of success. The failures you may have will disappear quicker and you will learn so much within a smaller amount of time, allowing you to do more.

Do not be scared to chase your dream – think on your future and work through the bad times to reach the good.

Video by Chispa Motivation

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