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Why You Should Never Give Up | Andy Henriquez

A powerful speech and story by Andy Henriquez shows us why we should always keep moving forward for our goals and never stop in the pursuit of our dreams:

Even when faced with the most horrible odds that life can, and often will throw at you – you must never give in and never give up when you are fighting for what you believe in. People may tell you that all is lost, but it is not their life to lead and it is not their passion to pursue. They do not see what you see, or have the drive you have.

You do not have to listen to their way of thinking.

If you really want something you will fight for it. That may lead to more tough decisions and choices down the line, but when you face each problem as it comes you can win in the long run. It may take the help of others, but when they see your passion and focus people will be there for you. When you push harder than you have ever done before, your life will have no bounds.

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