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An inspirational video shows us that love and kindness are all around us and we must share it with everyone we meet to spread happiness for the good of all.

Many of us may feel that love has to be earned, but this leads to less of it in your lives. You may actually looking for something else. The ownership of love is something we place on it, but this is not right as it is always there hidden under everything we say and do. Love is given and something that just flows around us all. It doesn’t cost anything, you do not need to be deserving of it – it is indescribable feeling which encompasses our everyday lives.

Love can be a discovery of yourself. If you don’t feel love, you can search for it individually and when you discover it you can give it away, creating it for others. Once you have it, you won’t lose it by giving it to those around you. It will then come back to you, and spread out to others for the benefit and happiness of all. If people try and take it from you, make sure that you continue to give it to others and remember that it never truly leaves you. Be good to all those around and goodness will surround you.

Video by Basquiat Picasso

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