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Why Successful People All Embrace the 5-Hour Rule

A video spoken by Tim Han takes us through several tips which show us that we should take time for ourselves each workday in order to improve our thinking and build skills for the future:

If we find ourselves being too busy and stressed within the mind we must try something different to relax ourselves, and at the same time reboot so we can get back to work with the correct mindset. This can be done by simply taking one hour of each weekday and setting it aside for something not related to your work.

This will distract and temporarily empty your mind of all the things you are thinking on. Try out these three ways of the five hour rule:

1. Relax your Mind:
Find something that will keep you calm for an hour, and allow you to remove the many strands of thinking that keep you locked up and unable to focus. This will allow to not only to think clearly but come up with new ideas and solutions to problems.

2. Learning:
Use this time to learn new things and keep up to date with topics which will help you towards your goals. Read and educate yourself to grow a little bit everyday. It will all build into the success you want to see.

3. Testing:
Try out new ideas and concepts that previously you hadn’t given yourself time for. You may be pleasantly surprised what you come up with and may even find new ways of doing things for your projects and businesses.

Remember, build a little each day and one day you will be able to look back and see great results.


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