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Why Silence Is Powerful

A video shows us how speaking very little in certain situations can prove to be an effective tool to learn from people and make sure we say what we really mean:

Use these tips to engage with people more, show that you truly are listening to what is being said and even gain the upper hand in stressful situations.

1. Being more powerful:
– The more you say, the higher the chance that you could appertains nervous or say the wrong thing in a situation. When you do finally talk, your words will be more listened to by others and mean a lot more than they would have done by talking all the time.

2: Reading people:
– By taking the time to look at others you are engaging with rather than talking all the time you will be able to pick up on their body language and perhaps see peoples true intentions. See what information you can gleam by simply watching rather than talking.

3. Self control:
– The more you talk, the higher chance their is something you’ll say that you would want to take back. In high stress situations make sure you take the time to be calm and say things respectfully, even in disagreements. Take the control of the situation and get your points across effectively.

4. Being a great listener:
– Taking the time to listen to others will show that you care for the information they are saying, and that it is important to you. Make people feel good and they will show the same kindness back.

5. Good for negotiations:
– If you are in a situation where a deal needs to be made, silence can be a useful tool for keeping your cool and planning out the next time you do speak. It can also be handy to make the other people involved feel like they need you more, so you gain an advantage.

Video by The Life Formula

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