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Why Haven’t You Started Yet? | Gary Vaynerchuk

A talk by Gary Vaynerchuk shows us that we live in a time where the only thing holding us back from our dreams is our mindset, and once past this we can achieve anything.

He shows that in this modern era with technology everywhere there are no longer excuses to create those things you have wanted to for so long. There is only the fear in your mind holding you back. We all have that certain something we would love to see come to life, even if we keep it hidden from the rest of the world. Breaking free from the thoughts that hold us back, and just simply making a start in building from what you enjoy is the best thing you will ever do.

We need to act now, rather than look back and regret. Make sure that you keep your energy and passion high, and do everything you can to make yourself a success and better your life. To start off we do not need any money – the platforms we can use right now will not make you spend. So you can begin making content immediately without worry. Plus remember to focus on yourself and your passions, not worrying about the competition. It is your journey, so build on you and what you really want.

Your time is now, don’t waste it.

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