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Why comfort will ruin your life | Bill Eckstrom

Bill Eckstrom shows us that being too comfortable can easily restrict you and that discomfort is the main ingredient for you to grow as a person.

Our environments, be that the workplace or other surroundings are the features that define our growth. Safe, and we hardly progress – unsafe we have to fight and risk things in order to succeed.

Order is great to have as we have control over our actions, but too much of that order and everything becomes mundane – we end up no longer growing. Discomfort comes from the complex situations that occur in our lives. This can be done via others, pushing you harder to the limits of what you think you can achieve, or by yourself – which can lead to the growth of others around you.

Choose to take the harder path to further yourself, even if it is discomforting to do so as it will payoff in the end.

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