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When You Feel Down

A motivational video shows us that the negative feelings we have are but passing moments and we should instead focus on the good in the world for the benefit of all.

We all have the time that our lives allow us in this moment. So why wouldn’t you do the best you could do now rather than just watch that time fly past without having done anything. There may be lot of things around us that seem un passable – holding us back and keeping us down. But we must choose to fight past anything like this and take the risk of fighting for what we love to remove the hurt long term.

You may be afraid to show your passions to the world, for the fear that you will be told it is impossible or simply that you cannot achieve it, when others should be the ones to see it happen. But don’t let them limit you because of the standards that are set by others. Ignore the naysayers, and show the world what you can do. Show your strength as it deserves to be shown.

Live, love and show the world joy.

Video by Grow Successful

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