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What to Do When You’re Too Lazy to Stick to Your Habits

A video by Tim Han takes us through several tips to show us that we can become more disciplined with our goals and get our habits back on track for success:

We all set out with the best of intentions but can quickly see ourselves sliding away from our passions and dreams. If we wish to see our full potential come to life follow the points below to get back on track.

1. You are not lazy.
– If we feel we are being lazy we have actually found ourselves in the discipline of doing nothing, but this is of course something in itself. We have the power of routine within, it just needs to be moved to an area which will yield more productivity.

2. Inaction is still an action.
– Being active in something you really want can be uncomfortable, but staying comfortable never leads to any progression of life. Not being active leads to the action of regret, so you need to make the choice of what you really want in a few years time.

3. Get clear on your why.
– It is harder than you may think to really find that one thing that gets you motivated and excited. Until you know, keep learning and growing and when you do you’ll have that fire to keep pushing harder than before.

4. Upgrade your environment.
– Remove the objects and even people who are not making us better. Take away the things that cause procrastination and add those which make you better, focused and build the right habits for progression.

5. Make the step today.
– Start creating the small steps now which take you away from laziness and into a more productive mindset. You may not have the strength to being your journey 100% right now, but if you decide to try for even a few minutes of your day you slowly begin to build up the time in the right direction.


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