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What is a Warrior?

A video poem spoken by Aubrey Marcus gives us the strength and focus to pursue anything we want, and not stop until we have achieved it.

It tells that whatever you decide to do in life, don’t be ordinary. Do the things you fear and the challenges you think are impossible. Overcome anything that stands in your way, and never wait around for good things to happen to you. Make them happen today. As if you truly believe, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

If you find yourself in a position to lead others, lead from the front. Set an example to others so they can see how it should be done. Teach them to be hard working, true of heart and how to move forward as a leader themselves. Always do what you are passionate about, and if you find yourself falling from the path get back up and fight until you are ready to tackle anything once again.

Video by LowryderKid

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