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Suffering Narcissistic abuse can be a terribly confusing, all consuming painful experience. You have to put up with behaviours that you know are ‘odd’ or manipulative but you don’t always know why, what is the purpose of even if it is actually being done.

You find yourself wondering if its you, if you are the one over reacting or taking things out of context. But there is a niggling flesh eating feeling deep down in your bones (you probably buried it there) that something is not quite right about your partner/friend or family member.

In searching for answers myself, I came across some amazing people on Youtube and forums that not only helped me get away from the abuse but to recognise the abuse as abuse in the first place. One of which was Richard Grannon of the Spartan Life Coach and another is Kris Godinez of “We need to talk with Kris Godinez”. Kris’ facebook page and youtube channel has helped thousands of subscribers to overcome NPD and BPD abuse whilst helping you to recognise the signs and red flags to begin with.

I highly recommend Kris’ work and youtube channel, and if you feel you are being abuse then head over to her facebook page in the link below for regular live videos. You can also pick up her books “Whats wrong with your dad” and “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make em’ do the cha cha” from Amazon, which tell you all about her work, her BPD father and why we get into these relationships to begin with.

Kris Godinez Facebook Community

Born the youngest of five from a Brady Bunch marriage (Dad had two, Mom had one they had two in their marriage. My Dad was unfortunately an addict and had a personality disorder.) I knew from an early age I wanted to help people and make them laugh. I originally pursued a career in acting but quickly found that world was full of people who needed to lie on a couch and talk to someone about their parents. After talking to yet another actor who felt they needed to starve themselves/do drugs to stay thin and in the business, I decided to leave acting and go make a real difference in the world and become a Licensed Professional Counselor. I received my Master Counselor degree from University of Phoenix in 2005. I did my practicum at Catholic Charities and then completed my internship working at the homeless shelter in downtown Phoenix.


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