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Trent Shelton – Three tips to Help your Life!

A motivational speech by Trent Shelton takes us through some ideas which will allow us to remove the negatives from our lives and focus on the change we wish to see:

He shows us that everything in life is possible if we simply go for it and do not let any lingering doubts we may have take over. Through these three tips we can see that anything can achieved and what we dream is always possible.

1. Reality:
– We have to accept who we are and what has happened to us rather than running from things, which in turn keeps us from the pursuit of what we want. Face the fears that you have so you can move on after overcoming them.

2. Release:
– There will be things in your life that you need to let go of in order to move on and begin to change your life for the better. It may be people, places or memories of the past. Remove things that are holding you back so you can grow.

3. Repair:
– Begin to remove the negativity in your life by removing the past so you can do things differently in the future. It is about slowly changing every day into a better person, so that the negativity never comes back again.

Keep moving forward, growing and design a life full of purpose and love the path of your life.

Video by Trent Shelton

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