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A Short video by Jordan Peterson tells us that we must work through the bad times we will face to create a positive outcome for ourselves, those around us and the world.

Life, by it’s nature can come with a lot of suffering. Through our lives we will encounter the bad, it is sadly inevitable. However, when it does happen we can learn to stand strong and face it rather than let it hurt us to the point of stalling our lives and keeping us pinned by the weight of it. If you can slowly build this process of facing the suffering that comes your way you will see that others can be helped in this manner and even see you as an example.

Once you become a better person – be responsible for your actions, help out those around you and work hard on something that drives you forward you can limit the suffering that goes on around you – as everything we do has an effect on the world to some degree. Be grateful for what you have and what you can do and build upon it to really make something of yourself.

Video by WordToTheWise

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