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Tony Robbins – How to Deal With Stress and Depression

Tony Robbins talks about how we can see the person within that we really want to become, and how we can live happy and successful if we choose to make changes where needed.

When we wish to do anything we need to find our “why” – and if we create daily rituals to get us doing the things we love, we will be so more driven to locate and hold onto the end result of success and happiness. We have to be careful as it is very easy to turn these rituals against us and depression and anxiety can become become habit. If we re train our minds to a positive setting we can accomplish anything we wish too.

To aid this we must strengthen our mind, but also out body. It goes hand in hand. After doing this for a while we will find an energy within to push harder and faster, and find your potential rather than thinking there is no point to trying. The more we do, the easier it will become – and it will be harder to fall backwards into depression as you will be able to tackle it easier.

Do what you do for others, not just yourself. Find something bigger than yourself to strive for. Help somebody worse than yourself whenever you can. This will not only help others, but also make you feel fulfilled, positive and happier than you could have ever been before. Life is too short not to do all you can for your passion and happiness.

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