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To reach beyond your limits by training your mind | Marisa Peer | TEDxKCS

Marisa Peer show us that the Brain does not have to be a complex, and hard to understand device and that if you train your mind correctly it can be the best collaboration you will ever have.

If you keep these 4 things in your mind you will be successful:
– Your brain does what it thinks is in your best interests.
– It’s hardwired towards pleasure not pain.
– How you feel is down to the pictures you make in your head, and the words you say to yourself.
– Your mind loves what is familiar.

If you say negative thoughts to yourself the brain will try and help in anyway it can by making other things seem more appealing, taking you away from things that are harder – but you need to do in order to become successful. Say positive words to yourself to enforce your actions.

Sometimes getting what you want in life will be a painful exercise, and your body will fight against any such action taking place. But you have to be strong and tell yourself that the hard things you want can be a pleasurable experience and worth it in the long run.

Change you thinking and the words you say, as they have a great impact of your outlook on life. If you really want something, see it in your mind and keep it there until you have achieved it.

You will want to push yourself to new challenges and territories. It will de daunting to start off with, but the more familiar you become with the unknown the better you will be at tackling whatever comes your way.

Video by TEDx Talks

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