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Mark Manson takes us his four stages of life that we all go through, showing that some go further than others because they do not learn to move on in their journeys. These are:

1. Mimicry. We learn from those around us, by watching and repeating. This should not last forever, but in many people it never truly goes. We miss our own thoughts and search for acceptance from others.

2. Self Discovery. What makes us different than everyone else. This is us trying new things to find out who we are, what we are good at or what we are bad at. You will learn your limitations and putting your time into the right things for you.

3. Commitment. Learn to remove the elements from your life that are holding you back and stopping you from getting your goals. Stick to what you want to do and push harder than before to make it happen.

4. Legacy. This is where you support others in their visions and dreams, and make sure that the things you committed to last longer than yourself.

Life always goes on, so to get the most from yours you must keep moving from stage to stage making sure you know that everything cannot be accomplished but you can work hard on some things to maximise your life’s work.

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