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This Is What The Richest Don’t Want You To KNOW – Robert Kiyosaki

In this interesting interview with Robert Kiyosaki, he discusses why the poor will stay poor unless they decide to change their mindset and think a different way.

We are taught to think, and stay poor. We become the statements we say, and if we are used to saying “I can’t afford that” we will always be in this mindset. It becomes an escape from what we have to work towards to achieve, and pins us down. We need to turn this into a question, in this case of how we can afford something – we can then think past the problems into a solution that could change our lives.

We are told that failure is bad, but this also keeps us restricted – not learning and growing as we should. You have to make mistakes to move forward, so take the risks and keep going – this will make you much happier in yourself, and one day you may earn more finically also.

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