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THIS is My BIGGEST SECRET to SUCCESS! | Warren Buffett

A video by Evan Carmichael gives us Warren Buffet’s best secrets for success in life and business – and shows us that we can all have the same:

1. Find your Passion:
– Look for that one thing that really makes you smile and gets you up in the morning, which motivates you and drives you so you cannot think on anything else.

2. Hire Well:
– Look for those who will benefit yourself and all of those around you. Find people who ignite your spark and get your creative visions flowing.

3. Don’t care what others think:
– Stay away from people who tell you that you cannot do what you want, and that you will never achieve it. As long as you have the right drive and attitude, and have those around you who make you better it doesn’t matter what others believe.

4. Read, read, read:
– Read as many materials that you can each day to learn more and gain new insights to the world.

5. Have a margin of safety:
– Make sure that whatever you are trying to achieve the risk is not too close to the point of no return. That wherever possible, you take the path which keeps yourself, your business and your team safer than the other which may cause problems.

6. Have a competitive advantage:
– Make sure that you have an edge over those in a similar business or creative field as your own, think outside the box and come up with new ways of staying ahead of the game.

7. Schedule for your personality:
– We are all different, and have things which makes us unique from the rest. Find what works for you and fit the day around it, so you can be at your best the whole time.

8. Always be competing:
– You should always feel that someone is trying to take your spot away from you and that you do not become too comfortable in what you are doing. When you feel a constant competitive vibe you will do your best work and make sure you are at top form.

9. Model Success:
– Find those who inspire you to do more and learn form them. Look into how they made themselves a success and follow in their footsteps so you too can do what you love.

10. Give Unconditional Love:
– When you show unconditional love to your family, it will give them a huge boost in their own lives and will ripple down through ages, making a better life for all.

Video by Evan Carmichael

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