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This Is How Successful People Manage Their Time

A video talked by Kevin Kruse and Ryan Caligiuri where we find out about the 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management:

– Time is your most valuable resource. Every minute is precious, so do not waste it. A lot of people waste their time and regret it too late.
– What is your most important task? Identify it and then break down all the goals you need to make it happen.
– Stop using a to do list and pick dates to get things done by instead.
– Fight back against procrastination. Do things that break you out of that cycle and make you maximise your time.
– There will always be more to do, so make sure you have time for your work also for other things in life.
– Make sure you journal and take notes to never miss a good idea.
– Remove phone notifications to stop messages taking over your day. Pick times to manage your messages around what you are doing.
– Say no to large meetings as they begin to take away chunks of your time. Keep them small and to the point.
– Stop saying yes to everything as you will end up pulling yourself away from what you really need to do.
– Focus on the main tasks you need to do, as the rest will sort themselves out after these bigger tasks are completed.
– Make sure you focus on your strengths and what makes you tick.
– Organise your days into batches where work hard, catch up and rest.
– Any very easy and quick tasks that you get do straight away and don’t let them pile up.
– Make your mornings count. Use it to get extra things done and get your mindset onto the right track.
– Spend more time focusing on one task and getting it done, then moving onto the next. Put your efforts into single items then move on.

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