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This Graph Changed My Life

Andrew Kirby takes us through a graph which shows us how our intentions in the short term will either create negative or positive effects in our futures.

What we decide to do now can have great consequences for how we do in our personal and professional lives. It comes down to the idea of instant and delayed gratification. Instant giving us pleasure in the short term and delayed giving us results later on. It is which we choose which determines our success. Doing something for long term benefit much outweighs the pleasure in the immediate.

This then leads to habits – which lead to constant instant or delayed gratification. If we decide to constantly get a instant pleasure from the short term, we become stuck in this mode. But if we can work on getting it later after hard work it becomes much easier to do more. Then we can think into the future – buying things we don’t need to waste money and also time. But doing things which are good lead to a more productive day overall, allowing more good to come for it in the short term.

Check out the graph, and make sure you decide that striving for benefits in the long run is the best choice of all.

Video by Andrew Kirby

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