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The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout | Rick Rigsby

From lessons taught to him by his father, Rick Rigsby shares his wisdom of how anyone can – and should aim for the stars, work hard and improve day by day.

You can be taught many things through education, but the act of learning anything – particularly anything that pushes forward your dreams is down to yourself. If you wish to be the very best version of yourself you will drive yourself forward with clear goals. We should always aim high. Perhaps we will miss but will learn a lot of the way and can always try again. The do or do not is down to you so make a decision which version of yourself you wish to see.

Repetition is the key to anything you wish to improve, so create good habits and excel. Be humble and work hard, don’t think any job is below you no matter how much success you accumulate. Show that you will put your hand to anything and inspire others to improve themselves as you go. Be kind to others and appreciate the support of those around you.

Remember to never give in, no matter how dark things get. Stand and face it. Live well and do things the right way. Enhance your life.

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