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The Two Day Rule

A video by Matt D’Avella shows us a technique which could help us get on track with our lives and also lead to further habit building and success for the future.

Creating rules for your self can help you regain your live if you feel you’ve lost your way and tend to resist the urge to better yourself. Resistance like this equals procrastination and doubt of the abilities we have and using them to great effect. If we wish to combat this we must be consistent with our routines and make a commitment to create constant progress.

If we simply try to commit to whatever we need to improve in our lives for a minimum of two days, with a then possible break before another two days back at it we will slowly see results in improvement. Also, we can use this to push forward without the breaks and continuously build and set new goals for ourselves. It is a key stone habit linking to others, helping us create a better world for ourselves.

Remember, rules do not always limit – us the right ones to keep you on track.

Video by Matt D’Avella

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