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A video takes us through several ways of becoming more disciplined, so we can become more productive and remove those things which keep us from our dreams:

Through the idea of moderation, we can slowly reduce bad habits and integrate new ones rather than trying to stop/start them completely. If we try to get rid of them immediately this will become impossible to do and cause you stay within a negative mindset, never moving forward. Use the tips below to use moderation to full effect and slowly build up to a better you.

1. Find your weaknesses:
– Accept your weaknesses for what they are and learn to control them in a manner which can make you more productive. You have this control so understand and act for a better you.

2. Create easy habits:
– Start small and slowly build up to bigger and harder habits on your journey. If you start too tough it will be much harder to make it and you will it easy to give up.

3. Use Rewards:
– Give yourself a little something when you reach certain milestones towards your goals. This will build up motivation towards getting things done that you may not have had enough drive for.

4. Personal Standards:
– We often aim much too high in this regard and therefore miss them every single time. Have another minimum threshold for your work requirements to allow you to progress more effectively by achieving something and keeping momentum in mindset.

5. Look ahead:
– Search out scenarios which may cause your weaknesses to rise to the surface so you can avoid them. Plan so you can resist the temptation and become more productive as a process.

6. Set alarms:
– Always have time for time off, but set time limits for them and never go over this as it will eat away at your productivity. Have the alarm to make sure it keeps you track.

7. Make adjustments:
– Everyone is different. Find what works best for you and use that rather than trying to copy another persons successful techniques, they may not be for you.

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