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The Real Reason Why You Won’t Change

A video featuring Mel Robbins and Steve Harvey show us that there is so much more to do and become in this world, if we only stretch out and take it.

We have all the information to hand to make ourselves a success, it has never been more easily reached. But we are not using it. We are not pushing ourselves the way we, as a species used to. Instead we take the easy road. We need to increase our will to accomplish and work as well the skills which are now closer than ever.

When we grow up we do not have those safety nets we had when young. It is down to us to either step up and take control for a better life, or simply sit by and let things go. We need to get out into the world and experience and explore. Learn and grow. Take the chance, and remove the comfortable label from yourself and see what can really happen if you try.

Leave behind the easy, try something that takes you away from your comfort zone and see what you can become.

Video by Grow Successful

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