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The Power Of The Present Moment

A short motivational speech shows us that we need to engage with the time we have right now if we wish to be happy and make our true journeys come alive:

Happiness doesn’t come from the objects you can surround yourself with. It doesn’t come from the things you can buy and possess. It comes from the moment you are in, and the experiences you can have if you just absorb yourself into the now.

All too often something from our past or future that will creep into our minds and play over and over, removing ourselves from the life we could be having now. The only time we can control is the present, so focus here for a better time in the long run.

Focus will lead to success. So make sure you focus on the present moment to fully appreciate where you are and where you can get too by not trying to take yourself away from where you are at this time.

Video by Fearless Soul

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