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The Power of belief – mindset and success | Eduardo Briceno

A talk by Eduardo Briceno shows us that the way we think has a huge impact on our performances in life, and that anything is possible with the simple belief we can do it:

How you perceive your mindset can drastically effect your performance on any given subject or situation. If your mindset is more fixed you will believe that you can never achieve a certain something, but if you feel that you can grow your perspective changes and your options open up.

By having the belief you can grow, you can make it happen whereas others will never achieve it when they easily could. Challenges make you grow, but only if you think that can overcome the challenge in the first place. By not believing, you automatically limit yourself and will resign yourself to a certain level of ability.

You can easily change the negative impacts of this. So whenever you do something, and whatever happens when you do, remember to learn and grow from it rather than give in. Anybody can achieve anything they wish with the power of belief.

Video by TEDx Talks

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