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The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life | David Goggins

A video featuring David Goggins shows us that we need to push past anything that we think is keeping us down and show everyone we can accomplish the impossible.

We can learn to control our brain and feelings for the benefit of everything we do. If we struggle to remember things, simply keep writing them down until the message sink in. One day the brain will remember when the time is right. Never give up because it may frustrate you, the process will kick in and stick with you if you give yourself no way out and show that you will never give in.

Make the hard work and repetition become your normal, everyday way of life so it does not seem like something you can quit on. You may need to suffer through some things to get where you need to go, but if make it a normal process you’ll get used to it. Once you can, nothing will be impossible. Your mind can push through what you make the body do, if you keep at it. Immerse yourself in the life you wish you have until it becomes you.

We are all full of unlimited potential, but often never use it. Many times we will be broken, both in body and mind and we feel we can’t go on. But if you can get into the mindset of being broken and still moving forward you will have true power over your destiny. Give yourself no way out. Fight until you feel invincible.

Video by Motivation Madness

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