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An interview with the boxer Deontay Wilder shows us that we need to have the belief and the hard work in our dreams to make them happen, and to never be afraid of dreaming big.

Everyone has darks moments in their lives which tries to take them down, but sometimes this is never seen by anyone else. You may feel that all is lost and you cannot achieve the success you have seen in your dreams. But you need to see that success is something that resides within us all. All we have to do is take that step forward towards it and keep applying ourselves to this action to see that success win out over the negativity.

We are all different, and have different types of success. It is just finding your passion and making progress for it each day. Set your goals high, and never think that they can be achieved. Never settle for lower expectations, as any goal can become reality with dedication and hard work. It is there for the taking.

Fight for your future to be better. Fight for the future of those who will come after you.

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