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THE MINDSET OF A CHAMPION – Arnold Schwarzenegger

A set of motivational speeches by Arnold Schwarzenegger give us the drive and energy to pursue our dreams and make sure we get the most out of our time:

You must be prepared to do whatever it takes to become the success story you wish to see of yourself. If you are not you will soon be left behind by those with the hunger to accomplish their dreams. Set yourself the goals required for this to happen and go after it with all the energy you have. You need to believe in your vision if you wish to show it to others in the future.

Getting to success is a process that will hurt you, physically and mentally. Many will give up just as the pain barrier begins and therefore never grow and improve. Those who push past this will become the person they envision in their mind. if you decide to set a little time in your day to improvement you will see great results in the practice you wish to excel at.

Use the time you have wisely. Make your dreams come alive.

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