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The Little Things in Life | Eckhart Tolle

A video by Eckhart Tolle shows us that we must not ignore the small moments that we get as we progress towards our futures, as these make up who we are:

Living in the present moment highlights all of the little things we usually take for granted as we move through life with the bigger goals in mind. When we miss out on these things we are missing portions of our lives that we cannot get back. All these moments simply become processes to get through life, but we never actually live it.

With our hectic lives getting in the way of experiencing the things which can bring us some inner peace, we must turn this around and simply take the time to enjoy everything in between. When we live only for these highlighted moments in our lives the rest becomes a low point, and we strive once again for the highs. Looking only into the future takes away the sense of fulfilment you could be having in all areas.

Video by Eckhart Tolle

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