By Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher

The Hero Forge

Andy Fisher is the founder and creator of The Hero Forge Podcast series and accompanying book. Inspired by the loss of his father and wanting to leave something for his young son, Andy has created a unique and creative concept in the Everyday Hero movement.

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THE HERO FORGE PODCAS – Marcus Alexander

THE HERO FORGE PODCASTS .  Produced by Andy Fisher

Marcus Alexander is the author of a series of children’s fantasy novels and has presented talks to more than 1,600 schools across the globe, garnering an international following. Marcus is a renaissance man in the trust sense of the world; he has been a professional chef, a cage fighter, he is a gymnast, spars with medieval weapons and lives out loud at every opportunity.

I have had the privilege of knowing Marcus as a friend for several years now and I think my wife summed him up best when, upon first meeting him, she described Marcus as ‘an indoor fireworks display, disguised in human form’!


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