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The bridge between suicide and life | Kevin Briggs

A TED talk by Sergeant Kevin Briggs shows us that when we may be at darkest times there is always help, and hope just around the corner.

Through his stories of the Golden Gate Bridge he tells us of the thoughts and feelings of those who feel their is nothing left to life. Those who are crying out for help in some way, and are temporarily too weak in their thoughts of a future. But he shows us that their is always hope, and the temporary feelings are just that – and will always get better over time.

We must learn not only to talk to those we know and want to help, but to also listen whenever you get a chance. Be there for them, without judgement. If you can just be there for someone who is feeling this way, it could make all the difference. The bridge, much like the way we can listen, is a connection to people. When we connect and engage with someone who has depression, we can give them the hope required to change their minds and assist them in continuing with life and being happy and full of purpose.

Video by TED

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