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The brain’s hidden superpower

Through several tips, a motivational video shows us how we can all become skilled at something we’ve dared dream of but initially thought out of reach:

We all have little flashes of ideas when we are developing that certain something we wish to excel in. But often the flash is all we get for periods of time and the moment is gone just as quick as it came. We then, may, struggle to get back into our work.

After this time we often feel discouraged and that we cannot achieve what we desire like others have done before us. But if your certain something is truly your passion, you need simply keep going and put in the time to learn, grow and become skilled to show off your talents. We all have it inside us to become great at the thing we dream to do.

Fight through the possible boredom that comes with learning and keep going on the route to become a master, rather than just having little bubbles of inspiration.

Video by Better Ideas

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