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“The Billionaire Algorithm” | James Clear

A video featuring James Clear shows us how we can change ourselves for the better if we decide to focus on the positives which build us up in the long run:

It is in the build up of small habits that we become who we are today. You may not see the the difference yourself because all of the little things are building over time – but they are slowly making a difference to you. It is in what we decide to focus on that we become, be that for better or for worse. Below are 4 stages to look at if we want that build up to be in a good way.

1. Notice:
The key concept is to have clarity with what you wish to accomplish. Once you figure out what you want, rather than wanting the feeling of motivation within you to do something, you will be able to make it happen. You will be able to sit down and set goals for it. Once your goals become a part of your calendar they become a physical element in order to be completed.

2. Wanting:
Make sure that the things you desire the most are the ones you also encounter the most. Do not put procrastinating items in front of you, that way it is much more likely that you will drop everything to be lazy. Make sure that your passions are the things that you see all around and are readily available.

3. Doing:
It is in the doing of something that we get better. Getting moving each day and building your skillset on the day before will build the correct habits. Decide to focus on the starting of something, rather than thinking on the end result – this will lead you to the end goal naturally.

4. Liking:
We often do things because we like them. This is why negative results can easily overcome you if you are not careful, as they tend to give immediate reward, but in the long run will hurt us. Instead decide to push past this and work hard at what you want – it will be tough to begin with, but the more you do it the more reward comes your way.

The more we do something, the more we become that person. Make sure that you become the successful person that you have always wanted to be by constant practice each and every day.

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