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The Best Mental Health Advice I’ve Ever Heard – Johann Hari

A talk by Johann Hari shows us how we can break out from the crippling nature of depression, and by doing so we can help ourselves and also those around us:

There are many causes of depression and anxiety, but most of them do not exist solely within ourselves and stem from the way in live in todays modern world. A lot of this comes from our limited contact with people as technology seems to keep us social, but actually distances us.

We seem to feel more alone than ever, and it is damaging us.

We are designed to be with others, so we must make the decision to talk to people again and be with friends and family. The more we interact with people the more we naturally come together, and as a byproduct we aid others with their problems and feel better because of it.

Once we decide to get into the world and explore with others, you will find more purpose in life.

Video by FightMediocrity

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