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A short motivational video tells us to ignore all the easy situations and work through the negativity to come out the other end stronger.

Everyone of us has both an easy voice, which tells us to be safe, and another which drives us on to accomplish the tasks we have always wanted to do. One we like, as it keeps us comfortable the other takes us on a journey of pain and it is all too easy to sit and do nothing so we don’t have to suffer. However, the only way to grow is to remove the self doubt and push onward. If we want to get the most of life we have work through the tough times, which all comes down to you fighting that easy voice away and listening to the other.

Just do it. Get up early, make the uncomfortable your norm. Make sure that whatever your doing keeps you on your toes and you find yourself in positions where it is hard to get out from – you will have to fight harder to make it happen this way, and can look back at your accomplishments with a smile.

Video by Ben Lionel Scott

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