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Sylvester Stallone – Rocky Balboa Motivation – Motivational Speech

The actor Sylvester Stallone takes us through his struggles of life in pursuing his film career and how we all must make our dreams become reality, however hard you get knocked back.

You must keep your dreams going – that’s what it’s all about. As you strive for this make sure that you work hard to get that one shot in life which will propel you up to where you want to be. Because it won’t come to you.

And once you’ve taken your shot hold onto it so you go the distance. You have to take the chance, or you will always regret the moments after and what could have been.

What ever it is you do, believe in it. With everything you have. If you can do that, you will win out in the end. You will get hit hard on journey, many times. But make sure you keep moving forward.

Remember – Dreams are free. Keep yours going.

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