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Andy Fisher

The Hero Forge

Andy Fisher is the founder and creator of The Hero Forge Podcast series and accompanying book. Inspired by the loss of his father and wanting to leave something for his young son, Andy has created a unique and creative concept in the Everyday Hero movement.

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SUCCESS4MEETS – Andy Fisher (The Hero Forge)

In this exclusive video, Mark Daniels from Success4 interviews Andy Fisher who is the creator and founder of The Hero Forge. Mark asks Andy to tell us all about the origin story of how and why he started The Hero Forge, how it has grown and continues to grow via the website, book and the incredible The Hero Forge podcast series which we are able to share with you each Wednesday on our website.

Andy is waving the flag and pushing the Everyday Hero movement forward via the book and the brilliant list of individuals he has been able to interview on his podcast series which is now up to its #28 episode. Andy has recently interviewed Robert Waggoner is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the little understood phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming as well as Professor Philip Zimbardo is, arguably, the grandfather of the ‘everyday hero’ movement.

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