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Success4 Journeys – Maria #2 . Fifteenth of the second

Our new series, Success4 Journeys. We love to see how our contributors and self developers are transitioning in their lives. Here we follow Maria as beings on her self development journey.

It’s Sunday, I know you’re thinking okay she’s written one post and now she makes an appearance. No I’ve not been abducted by aliens or been whisked away on a romantic impromptu getaway (unfortunately).

It’s been a busy week what can i say? I know the whole point of blogging is to keep you in the loop, I’ll improve on that I promise.

So if you must know, I was on my way to a photo shoot earlier for an upcoming artist. I thought I’d make an effort considering there will an array of talented people there and I don’t want to be the ready salted packet of crisps in the walkers selection pack. Not that there is anything wrong with ready salted, I mean I quite like the ratio of saltiness and potato.

Anyway, so I turned up late but it’s okay. Sometimes things are out of your control or they aren’t meant to be done at a certain time, place or age. I’m sure my mom will have something to say about this – marriage is a very popular topic in my household at the moment.

Point is, sometimes relax and don’t worry too much, but at the same time don’t be complacent, I’m a firm believer that everything happens at the right time for the right reasons like writing this post.

So enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t worry if you’re 5 minutes late to work tomorrow because you watched the last episode of OINB. Learn to breathe again. Don’t let the daily routine kill you.

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