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Success4 Journeys – Maria #1 Fifteenth of the second

SUCCESS4 JOURNEYS – We love seeing your journeys in self development, In this series we follow Maria as she guides us on her journey.


You know when you want to achieve everything between heaven and earth in the quickest time possible?

So here I am again, starting from scratch – my green tea at optimum temperature to get the creative juices flowing with a hint of Tesco’s ‘sweetest honey’ well duh, it’s obviously going to be sweet.

Let me start off by introducing myself to you – the reader.

I happen to go by the name Maria, well that’s what’s stated on my birth certificate. You can call me Maz, Mary or Mariam, as my fellow Muslim counterparts sometimes call me.

I’m 26 years old, I live in the big city full of aspiring stockbrokers and the hometown of the Queen Vic, if you haven’t already guessed it by now – London.

I’m an aspiring photographer- oh my god look at me i’m so cool and cliché. You’re probably at this point also thinking I live in Shoreditch and I have a cute pug – wrong. I live in Woolwich actually, SE18 is what I call home for now and the only animal I remotely come in contact with is my neighbour’s cat or the savage foxes trying to eat him.

I love fashion, I’m a bit of a fashionista – my favourite designer of ALL time is the Queen herself , Vivienne Westwood, you’ll probably see me trying to attempt miserably to either pose or write some sort of fashion post here and there.

I also happen to enjoy travelling, rather a lot actually.

I recently left my job of 3 years from a medium size firm – although I felt like an extra from mean girls, it did teach me a few life lessons.

I am now on a journey of self discovery – again, looking at me trying to be all zen and shit, but actually it’s probably the first time I have been able to completely breathe and focus on me, and my goals.

So i’m hoping you guys will join me on this journey, where I’ll sometimes write, photo- blog, have a moan or do nothing at all –

Here’s to ‘Take 154’ – the number of miles between Woolwich and a place I call home – Birmingham, where nearly 10 years ago I attempted to start this blog.


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