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A video by Dan Pena gives us the drive to work hard and keep pushing for our dreams, to focus on success no matter what people may think of you.

We now live in a world where sharing what we do has become a standard. But we have become so concerned with the views of others we have lost our focus on what is important – the work we do, and the achievements that come from it. We look for the agreement that others bring, to feel that we are on the right path. But this is only a short term happiness, where if we dive into the work and don’t seek this approval we can do so much more.

We need to stop announcing the little wins we have to show how good we are, as this takes our time away from the end game we wish to obtain. You need to be so focused on your success that you want it more than the air in your lungs, and need to have that one vision in your mind that there is nothing else you can see.

The time is always now. Get things done and don’t wait for absolute perfection, that comes later as you learn. Get people to do things when you need it done, not under their loose schedules. Don’t care what people say about you, don’t let the bad that comes from some of them slow you down. Just keep working toward your vision at all costs.

Video by Wings Like Eagles

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