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A video featuring Dan Pena and Eric Thomas show us that many things may get in the way of our dreams, but it is down to us to see the passion and make it happen:

Many things will be in your way as you search for your dreams. This may even come from yourself, having been built up by many other factors getting in your way. In many cases it could be those around you who ground you, and tell you that what you desire is not possible. It is not easy to overcome, but it is possible with drive and the ability to push past anyone or anything that may stay in your way.

Be ready to tackle any problem and show no fear to the situations put before you. Fear holds you back, but it is in the doing of what we fear where possibilities open up. We will see a world of success and options, a place where anything can happen. Be ready to sacrifice something comfortable for the opposite.

Remove the procrastination from your life and the distractions which stop you from achieving and you will find a place where you can really grow for the better.

Video by Nathan Lior Mark

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