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A Ted Talk by Richard St John shows us that success should constantly be worked upon for self improvement, and that even when we have made it we should never rest.

Many people work so hard to obtain the success they have always wanted, but then take their foot off the pedal because they think that’s the end. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story as you should always be moving forward and improving yourself. When you are working towards success you focus on the clients you have and vision for the future. You are excited about the business or the product you have been creating. But once goals have been achieved and money earned, you may find yourself taking your eye off the work that should be continuing.

So make sure that when you reach levels of success that may lead you astray, you still focus on why you started this business or product in the first place – the passion and drive that came from it. If you become bogged down in parts of this that you do not love you will lose your way. Then you will lose the clients and business that you fought so hard to obtain. The goal to success is not as liner system, but rather a journey with no end. Follow these eight principles to make sure that you never lose what you set out to achieve:

Passion, work, focus, push, ideas, improve, serve, persist.

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