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Stop Making Excuses And Take Responsibility For Your Life

A series of clips from various speakers showing us that we need to feel more lucky for the things we have and can achieve in our lives – as long as we make an effort and do it for ourselves.

Our mindset seems to be geared towards depressing feelings first and happiness second, and for no good reason. We need to remove the fear and stress from our minds to free ourselves, and stop thinking that we are not good enough to do whatever it is we seek.

Figure out what we want to achieve and then work really hard to make it happen. Invest your time and efforts into something which really motivates you through both the easy and the hard times if you wish to get ahead in the world. Be determined, and never say it can’t be done or you have lost the battle already.

When things go wrong you will look for others to blame. We have the control of actions, no one else. There are no shortcuts in life, and need to make the choice to not just give in and remember we have control of our destinies.

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