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Offering a solution

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It seems that in the coaching world, to go through much hardship is something to aspire to, a badge of honour in many cases. We completely understand this and it is often the basis and the ‘Why’ on which a new way of life or venture is born. However we feel that it is dangerous to think of your ‘Why’ as your business. It can often be the reason for your business, but is NOT the business in of itself.

By all means tell your story, stories are wonderful, in fact the person writing this is a documentary filmmaker (this is my business, for which I am paid to do so but it is not my story) so I love peoples stories, trials and tribulations. That being said, your story is the intro to your business, the prelude, not the business itself, the SOLUTION could your business.

Here’s how it goes

The audience is waiting , you get up on stage, you convey to audience the circumstances that have led to you wanting to be on that stage speaking. And then you share the practical steps you created and acted upon that got you OUT of that place. You have then CREATED A SOLUTION, this is your product and selling it is now your BUSINESS. 

In conclusion, how can you therefor sell on a solution to your problems when you are still trying to figure it all out yourself ? you can’t.

In essence you might be switching seats on the titanic.  A valuable coach is someone who is ‘Where you want to be’ for the simple reason being that ‘they are no longer where you currently are. 

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